Learn to do good; seek justice, correct oppression;
bring justice to the fatherless, plead the widow's cause. Isaiah 1:17

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Lawn Mower...

This is my lawn mower. And no, I'm not Amish. You're probably laughing at me now. I don't have anything against technology, I just don't think that "new' and "advanced" necessarily translates to "better". Why do I like the traditional reel mower over a noisy, obnoxious, allergen spreading gas powered mower? (whoops, a little bias might have slipped through there) First of all, it's so much better for my allergies. The lawn can be mowed without me suffering asthma attacks, and having my eyes swell halfway closed for 2 days afterward. Second of all, it is so quiet. For some of us, noise can be quite awful, so if you're like me and abhor a racket, this feature is worth a million bucks. Third, it's better for your grass. Fourth, it's really easy to start! (something not to be said for our previous icky gas mower) I know we often take for granted many things in society that are considered necessities, but aren't particularly good for you. No one has stopped to think about what people did before these things were invented. Take for example, diapers. Most people automatically use disposables, without really thinking over the issue. They assume that it's the better, more convenient option. And I admit, there is convenience that comes with disposable diapers, but there's also a cost. That cost is a child who has to live in plastic and is exposed to hormone disrupting chemicals. Not to mention those things piling up in landfills. All this is also true of disposable menstrual products (especially the exposure to dangerous chemicals like dioxin) Convenience comes at an actual cost too. If you compare the cost of reusable products (be they diapers, menstrual protection, grocery bags, water bottles, napkins, etc.) versus their disposable counterparts, the reusable ones come out the clear winners. The quality of the items and enjoyment of use is also exponentially increased. There's a whole different life perspective you have when you start to use reusable items. You slow down and take your time. It feels like you get more out of everything, because you're slowing down to enjoy life. Sometimes we don't need new and improved...on occasion it's the right idea the first time.