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bring justice to the fatherless, plead the widow's cause. Isaiah 1:17

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Freedom is never free, but is it worth the price?

Is freedom ever worth the price of a life? You probably think that's an odd question coming from a military wife. I should mention before I begin on the subject of freedom, I see my husband's job as an extension of his job as husband and father...it's just another way he protects us from harm. I see him more as a physical defender for us than a fighter for freedom.

Lately everything that's been going on in Egypt has caused conversations here in the US that I never thought I would hear. People saying that our own government should be overthrown for stomping on our liberty. I am shocked that anyone would find it worth it. Would you hand over your wife, child, husband, great-aunt, father, brother, etc. for the cause of freedom?

Don't get me wrong: I love freedom. I would love to see most government entities done away with. That would be the ideal. But we don't live in my ideal or anyone else's. Government is corrupt, and has blatantly removed our ability to make our own choices in life. It sucks. Is it worth dying for?

From a biblical standpoint, I think the answer is unequivocal that Christians are not to rise against their government for "freedom." In fact, slaves are given instruction to submit to their masters. Most Christians I encounter agree with me 100% on this that Christians should submit to government authority, even in the face of tyranny, unless the government instructs you to behave contrary to scripture.

The murmurings I'm hearing though don't come from Christians. So obviously that argument isn't going to work for them. I wonder though if they have truly considered what it would mean to give a loved one to their cause. To live the rest of your days without your soulmate or your precious daughter, or amazing son. How about your parents? Are you ready to say goodbye to them? I see violence around the world where people have given their loved ones over to their cause for power, and honestly, they look as though their souls are dead. Is freedom worth losing everything you have? What kind of freedom is important to you that you could hand your dear over in exchange for it? Personally, losing my family would trap me in the sort of hell, where only death could provide the liberty I require.

When it comes down to it, that's the only freedom I need. The freedom to be with my loved ones. To love and be loved by my dearest ones in life. I would rather live in a internment camp with my family, than lose any of them. I don't say that lightly. I am of Scottish, Jewish, Irish and Native American descent. My ancestors have known horrible oppression. It is them who make me even contemplate these things. It is they who have gone before me, who make me so grateful for all I have.

Let's say someone comes up to you and offers you "freedom" (be that constitutional rights, or whatever you consider freedom to be) The price? Your second born child. Yeah, I know, you're not likely to have a logical guy come up to you with this option, but if you join a revolution, you are essentially doing the same. You exchange those you love for your version of freedom. As for me and mine, it isn't worth it.

Don 't mistake my words: I'm not a pacifist...and that is another topic altogether.

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